Rules for sharing songs

Individual editions of the project are available online in the Releases section (mid-quality mp3 stream) and as high-quality mp3 file sets and/or lossless CD-DA images, including full artwork, in the Download section. mp3 files and CD-DA images may be available free of charge also through other Internet web sites, p2p networks and/or ftp servers, depending on current needs.

The recordings published within the project are available under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license and may be distributed free of charge as CD copies, on the other media or on the internet as mp3 files and full images, but only as the whole set („as is”). It is forbidden to copy or share single pieces of music without the entire set. It is acceptable to broadcast freely the whole set or single pieces on the radio and other media provided that the information about the project is included. Commercial use of the whole set or single pieces of the Contemporary Electronic Soundscapes project without prior consent of the author(s) is forbidden.