Rules for participation

1-2 times a year a new topic for an edition of the project is announced on the Studio Nagrań forum. All the information is also presented on this web site. A musician or a band that wants to join the announced edition confirms his/her/their interest by signing up in a specified topic in the forum or by sending a private message to the persons managing the project (yeske or fantomasz) either through the forum or through this web site. In any case, logging into the system is required.

The presented piece should respond to the topic of the editions (an individual interpretation of the topic) and should be maintained in the style of classic electronic music or related styles. In defined period of time the piece (with all required information) should be sent to the managers of the project (see: „How do I send my music”). The received files will undergo mastering ensuring sound cohesion and quality of the entire set.

By submitting his work to the project, the author declares that he is the owner of the copyright for the work, and that he accepts the established rules, in particular the rules regarding the free distribution of his work.